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Learn how to select and store fruits and find facts on their important health benefits. Study the nutrition facts to find which fruits have the nutrients you need, and impress your friends with your knowledge of vitamins.

Hindi Name: Alu Bukhara

Red or dark red round fruit with a stone, which is sweet but the skin and around the stone is very sour. Mature plums have a dusty-white coating that gives them a glaucous appearance; this can easi... Read more

Hindi Name: Amrood The guava is a tropical fruit with a rough outer skin and a sweet seedy flesh. It gives off a fragrance which is similar to lemon. The outer skin is green and changes color to either yellow, maroon or green when... Read more

Hindi Name: Ananas

It is a sweet juicy fruit native to South America. They are grown from March to June but can be found all year around. It is consumed in a variety of ways but raw pineapple is the most nutritious as it ... Read more

Hindi Name: Anar

It is a juicy fruit that is grown from March to May in the southern hemisphere, though it can be found all year round as well. It is native to Persia but is not grown all over the world. The fruit and the... Read more

Hindi Name: Angoor

A grape is a type of berry of woody vines that grows in clusters; they can be eaten raw or used to make wine, jam, raisins, vinegar, etc. Grapes are very low in calories. They are also good source of vi... Read more

Hindi Name: Anjeer

A fruit that is used fresh, canned or dried. It is often used in desserts and baked foods. Figs are native to the Middle East and commonly cultivated in the Mediterranean region, Spain and the USA. They... Read more

Hindi Name: Seb

Apples are one of the most widely cultivated tree fruits. They grow on small, deciduous trees. The proverb "An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, addressing the health effects of the fruit, dates... Read more

Hindi Name: Khubani

Apricot is a type of juicy fruit belonging to the peach family and is mostly cultivated in cold climatic regions. Apricots vary in taste as some have sweet kernels and some have bitter kernels. They ar... Read more

Hindi Name: Arhu

Peach is a type of fruit that comes from the deciduous peach tree native to China and South Asia. Peaches are seen with high regard in Chinese culture. In many other cultures, peaches have got historical ... Read more

Hindi Name: Kela

Delightfully sweet with firm and creamy flesh, bananas come pre-packaged in their own yellow jackets and are available for harvest all through the year. The fruit ripens from deep-green to bright yellow, ... Read more


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