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Dairy products

Dairy products
See the latest dairy products, including milk, cheese, yogurt, other cultured dairy foods.

Hindi Name: Makkhan

Made from churning cream, butter adds the soppy richness and tender texture to cakes, pastries and biscuits. It is an everlasting delight in any cuisine. It is usually served as a spread or used a cond... Read more

Hindi Name: Chaach

It can be sweet or salty and is a very refreshing drink in summer. It is very popular in North India. The tang of buttermilk is due to acid in the milk. Though the name suggests but it actually has no b... Read more

Clarified Butter
Hindi Name: Ghee

Clarified butter is produced by melting butter and allowing milk solid and water to separate from the butter fat. It is called ghee in India and is used extensively as an alternative to butter. Though the... Read more

Condensed Milk
It is a milk product extracted from cow’s milk. It is usually sweet and sticky and thick in texture. The process in making condensed milk involves removing the water content from milk and the addition of sugar. It is also called sweetened condense... Read more

Cottage Cheese
Hindi Name: Paneer

Made from curdling milk and straining the whey. Cottage cheese can be eaten raw or cooked. It has a moist texture. Store it in the cold part of the refrigerator for about 5-7 days. It is rich in calcium... Read more

Hindi Name: Dahi

Yogurt is also known as dahi in India. It is a fermented milk product which is known for it"s subtle taste and consistency. Yogurt (curd) is used during many auspicious occasions in India. It is sold swee... Read more

Hung Curd
Hung curd is nothing but yogurt drained of all its water. It can be made very easily at home. Tie some curd in a muslin cloth and leave it hanging for at least 3-4 hours or till all the water drains out. After this time period, pressure is applied t... Read more

Khoya is milk that is evaporated to a solid consistency by thickening it. It is often prepared at home, but is also available in the market. It is used to make both savory as well as sweet dishes and desserts. It has a slightly oily or granular text... Read more

Mozzarella Cheese
Mozzarella - the name is applied to a variety of cheese which are made using the "pasta filata" method. This cheese is made by spinning and cutting and was originally prepared using buffalo milk, and later cow"s milk. It is usually served the day af... Read more

Provolone Cheese
Provolone cheese is an Italian cheese which was originated in Southern Italy. It has a smoky flavor and is used in making cannelloni and ravioli. It can be made with cow or buffalo"s milk. It is golden-yellow in color. One of its type is Provolone... Read more


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